Programme Description

Gateways to the major

  • Economics Course: Students are required to take either Intermediate Microeconomics or Intermediate Macroeconomics.
  • Politics Course: Students should choose from one of the following three Politics courses:
    • Students who plan to take advanced courses in comparative politics should take Introduction to Comparative Politics in their second year.
    • Students who plan to take courses in international relations should take Introduction to International Relations in their second year.
    • Students who plan to specialise in economics and philosophy, and take no further courses in politics, may take any politics course of their choosing, in consultation with the Head of Study.

Categories of the major

  • Philosophy: See the Philosophy major for a description of courses.
  • Politics: Politics courses may include Human Rights, Chinese Political Thought, Republicanism, Ancient Greek Political Thought, Ideas Of India, etc. Students should refer to the current year’s course offerings or consult with the Head of Studies. See also the Global Affairs major for courses cross-listed to PPE.
  • Economics: See the Economics major for a description of courses.

Class of 2019 and onwards




  1. An appreciation for philosophy in at least one tradition.
  2. Fundamental philosophical skills, of which the courses chosen should develop two of the following four: (a) Textual Analysis; (b) Problem Solving; (c) Formal Analysis; (d) Applications.


The final-year capstone project offers students in the PPE major the ability to apply the interdisciplinary set of skills they have acquired to a more focused set of issues or problems in order to produce a substantial piece of research. Students will complete this programme of directed reading and research under the supervision of an advisor. Proposals for alternative types of capstone projects that involve such things as policy papers in conjunction with an internship project will be considered and may be undertaken with the approval of the Head of Studies. Either Econometrics or Methods In The Social Sciences should be completed before the start of the academic year in which the capstone project is undertaken, since ability to use either qualitative or quantitative research methods, or both, will be essential to most capstone projects.


There is no minor in PPE.